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I wake up in the middle of the night someone has turned all the lights off it is still and cold in the room I have been opening the window open bc it gets so hot in my room I must have forgotten to shut it before I fell asleep I get up and put my feet on the cold ground and make my way to the light switch stumbling over a empty coffee cup I left on the ground loud vulgar sound beating through the room and then stillness again no light they don’t turn on I make my way to the stairway and start down the steps and I’m in a strange house the rug is a ugly brown color it’s getting late there is a harsh light coming through the screen door and its warm outside I’m with my Freind and he is putting a haunted house record on a little player with elephants around the outside he tells me that its very scary and I’m felling nervous I notice the light creeping from the door and crawling over all of his grandparents bizarre nautical themed collection of driftwood anchors and little ships in bottles he puts the needle down and creeping ghouls start to emerge all over creaking doors slamming shutters and I get up and run out the door it slams shut behind me and my adrenalin is racing I run into my kitchen to have my mother pick me up and she just screams at me and sends me to my room




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